#100 - 8/8 Celebrate Midsummer

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Celebrated: June 21, 2007

I'm a little tardy on posting this which is reflective of the celebration. I didn't plan ahead, I was stumped on what to do and then I did decide I was going to watch the sunset... and it was hidden behind the trees. So I did worked with what I had and enjoyed the day, and did my cards.

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Sacred Suzie said…
Those are some serious cards Shannon, did you like your reading? Did it help? What is that a picture of, is it a veggie plate? I love the candle shot. I think the important thing is just to do something to honour this change, whatever you have the energy for.
Shannon said…
I don't think 'liked' would be the best way to describe the reading, but it did have some intersting points. There was a lot reverse, and a lot of things that were containment or looking in the wrong spot, not seeing the resources that are there.. that kind of thing. But there was also an nicely placed ace that showed some promise.

It felt a little half hearted celebration but I didn't want the day to go by unmarked and I feel good about that.
Jamie said…
Congratulations on your summer celebration and for honouring the special day.

This post made me so curious. I was like, ooh, what's in the cards? What's the plant behind the candle? Mmm, wow, that looks beautiful and yummy. Let's wish for lots of summer goodness!

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