SPC: On the Street 4

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This must appear as a very unlikely 'on the street' photo of urban me, but yes - that is me! It is from Fall of 2005 when visiting my sister Suzie in BC. We went for a walk (aren't a I good sport?) and this was on the path and I just had to snag a pic of me with this lovely Bear Warning sign! You just never know what you will come across when you go for a walk!

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Jamie said…
I love it! It would be interesting at the end to put together a collage of all the "on the street" photos. You're right that this one would stand out for downtown girl Shannon!
Sacred Suzie said…
I love that picture Shannon! Yes, very sharp contrast to the downtown chic Shannon but still fun and fascinating all the same. It was nice to see a photo up on your blog that captured a memory for me too. If you come to visit me now I can take a picture of you beside the cougar sightings sign!

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