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Jamie posted here (great SPC btw) about La Vie en Rose and that she has decided to do a 'Month of Me (M.O.M)' to and "decided that my gift to myself will be doing something every day of the month that nourishes my spirit."

Wow! What a brillant idea this is!

I really like this ideaand I've decided I'm gonna participate. Friday I decided that instead of writing my morning pages in the lunch room at work, I was gonna go downstairs, treat myself to a coffee and get away from it all for a bit. And it was great! I do feel bad about the ebil styrafoam cup though... I wish I didn't lug around so much stuff so that I would bring a travel mug with me. Anyhow, it was still great!

(pic above: I also noticed this cool reflection that the mirror pillar shows of the floor... if you look closely you can also see my pink pants!)


Sacred Suzie said…
Way to go Shannon for participating in taking care of yourself and once again...what a fantastic picture! Your photos are so completely original and interesting to look at.
Jamie said…
Yeah, I absolutely love this picture too. It has a complete "Shannon-ness" about it. Yay to participating in the Month of Me! I'll look forward to reading about more nourishing treats :)

And I'm glad you liked my SPC! Thanks!

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