Month of Me - May 6 & 7/07

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May 6/07 - Enjoyed quite a few cuppa tea's! I actually got up at the (unspeakable) time of 7:30am to watch Cornation Street and decided since I would be enjoying it for a while I might as well do so by enjoying a nice pot of tea!

May 7/07 - Although I had a new recipe to try for tonight I decided to go with my gut and enjoy some real comfort food: pasta with parmesean cheese. Yummy. (I had a salad too).


Sacred Suzie said…
I am still amazed you get up that early to watch TV but it sure is a long-time hobby of yours and Jamie's. I love the impromptu tea cozy idea! Pasta and cheese, that truly is comfort food! I'm glad you are taking such good care of your spirit Shannon.
Jamie said…
A pot of tea - what a lovely self-nurturing idea! And the pot seems like it's getting some nurturing too in that cozy cozy!
Shannon said…
haha... so funny, I was going to mention my 'creative' tea cozy but I thought it was a little wierd!! All the cozy's seem to be for the small stout pots. This one did work great though, kept my tea nice and warm!

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