#83 Try out 10 new restaurants

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Well, done done and then some! I actually ended up at 13 so far.. the last 5 were all so close together in time I decided to include them all. When I look at the list I can see the type's of places I like to go easily (4 Pubs and 3 Asian, 2 in Kensington). Some of the list have become regular spots (The Artful Dodger & Gabby's), many outings were for celebrations and birthdays and other's were by chance. A big thank-you to Jamie for being there for most if not all of them, and for everyone who invited me somewhere new!

So far, this has been one of the most fun things to do on my 101. Who doesn't like to go out for dinner? I know I do! Someone else will be cooking? I'm so there....

Here is the list:

1. Elephant and Castle
2. Simon's Wok
3. Gabby's
4. EAST!
5. The Artful Dodger
6. 7 Numbers
7. Big Fat Burrito
8. Back Alley
9. Whitlock's
10. Demetre
11. Siji
12. House on Parliament
13. Johnny G's

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Sacred Suzie said…
I think this is a wonderful 101 to do and I am so happy you have done more than just 10! That's amazing Shannon and I of course adore the photos of you in the restaurants.
Jamie said…
What beautiful pictures of you! I love that bottom one. Exploring new restaurants has definitely been a treat. This was one of my favourite things on my 101 list too. I'm so glad that we did so many together. I'm going to go back and revist them all through your links!

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