#83 - 9/10 - Try out 10 new restaurants - Whitlocks

Whitlocks, 1961 Queen E, Toronto

May 16, 2007 with Jamie, Justin, Justin's brother, dad, sister-in-law, niece & newphew for his Dad's Bday

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I think I had my camera on macro setting because all my pic's from there are fuzzy! It's a lovely restaurant, I had pasta with chicken, shrimp, veggies in a teriyaki cream sauce. Wonderful time, and great company! I think with the 3 camera's at the table at least 1000 photos were taken! The service was great, and the food was wonderful!

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Jamie said…
This was such a good time. What a rowdy family time! I really enjoyed the energy of the evening. I'm so glad you came :)

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