Read a magazine a month - March 2007

Read: In Style. Here are some of the things I noticed:

Still seeing a lot of eightie's stuff - odd cut out shapes, odd volumes, layering, leggings, skinny skirts, skinny pants, large jewlery.

Some closer to normal for the spring time was bohemian & peasant styles.

Other than that - colour schemes, a little different tha tyour normal spring fair as there are a lot of neutrals. I would describe them as either muted citrus or bright neutrals.

The one thing that was a totaly treat is they picked 4 Oscar dresses and did technical and artistic drawings for them, and that was absolutely fabulous.

One of the reasons I like In Style is that the pictures of outfits are often full length and credit the person wearing it, the date and the designer. I love that! I'm even considering getting a subscription. Although I really consider Vogue at 'the' one to read for actual fashion information, it's a lot more to get a subscription that In Style (at least the last time I checked).


Jamie said…
What I also love about InStyle is because it deals with stars it often has over-the-top glamour. And you know how I feel about glamour :)

That's so cool about the technical drawings. I remember yours so well! One of the most precious things I have is the drawings you did of the wedding dresses I tried on!
Sacred Suzie said…
Those drawings sound amazing, I like that they shared that artistic element to the dresses, very cool.

The 80s are back eh? What are we going to do with all those low rise pants?!

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