#68 - Bake a pie

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Done: Lemon Mousse Pie, April 8/07 - Happy Easter!

Initially I thought I would pick a fruit pie, apple or some kind of berry perhaps. But! Then this amazing Lemon Mousse Pie with Raspberries recipe basically dropped in my lap and I knew it was the right one! It was pretty simple to make, but better than that is tasted delish! It did taste deceptively 'light'.

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Had one near disaster while making my pie. I thought to myself, gee, you chill this pie so that means it never goes in the oven... I wonder if that matters. I look at the packaging and low and behold - you do pre-bake the crust! hehe.... yay... saved from eating a raw dough shell! It's a good day.

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Jamie said…
And a truly delicious pie it was! We had the very last bite last night. Congratulations on a yummy first pie! May there be many more to come :)

And beautiful pic of you with your creation.
Sacred Suzie said…
Way to go! That sounds like one R would just adore. I'd love the recipe some day. Mom told me on the phone how good it was and it looks so pretty! Funny, I'm making a pie today too. Strawberries are in season (one of my favs as you know) and I'm going to see if there's any rhubarb. R needs some cheering up.
Caroline Potato said…
Now that's a pie I'd love to try. I'm good at cakes -- in fact I used to be a baker by trade. But pies are just not in my repertoire. Crusts go beyond my knowledge. More pie photos!

Oh my! I just realized that within one week I'll be living in the same city as my Baking Fairy sister-in-law. There's nothing like sharing baked goods with loved ones.

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