#31 - Read 1 fashion magazine a month, April 07

For April 2007, read the April issue of Vogue

Things to note....

Colour - white, silver, pale metallics, pale blue, pale pink

Silouhette - ensembles with combinations of fitted & volume, straight skirts, straight pants, odd volumes, poofiness, shapelessness (hard non-drapeable fabrics)

Textures - shiny, woven, threadlike

70's/early 80's hair - loose wavy and windblown

Accessory - (hugely) oversized bags

Overall - simplicity: 1 interesting thing (pattern, fabric, cut, colour) the rest is the frame to that picture. Dramatic, Simple, Classic.


Sacred Suzie said…
I love how when you write about fashion and colours how it reads like poetry to me. Pale metallics, interesting. I might actually be able to get away with those!
Jamie said…
What a cool way to put together what was notable. I'm digging the colours but not the silhouettes so much.

What continues to surprise me in the comeback of the '80s is that it's very rarely revisioned. It seems to be straight off the streets and pages of that decade itself.

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