#100 - 7/8 Celebrate Beltane

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Celebrated: April 30, 2007 **
> I goofed, Beltane is actually May 1st... but I'm still counting this!

Traditionally this is a holiday I love! I wasn't quite feeling it today, but I decided to celebrate anyway, cuz that's the way I am! I made a nice dinner (thanks for the idea of making doing the 'spicy' thing Suzie!), put out an offering plate and thought about some of the fun celebrations over the past year.

Also, check out how much my plants have grown since I started them on Ostara.

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Sacred Suzie said…
You're very welcome and now I am so curious as to what you ate! I love the offering plate, what a stunning idea. The birds will love that Shannon.

I'm ordering Chinese tonight and I'm going to try Hot 'n Sour soup for the first time. My first step to trying spicy foods, I hope I can do it. I wanted to cook and bake but we have zero food and hey, it's a holiday right?
Jamie said…
Happy Beltane! Spicy food is an awesome idea!

WOW that plant is doing fantastic - a great sign for the spring!

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