Yay for Saturdays!

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I'm not normally one to count to the days to the weekend, as I would prefer to enjoy every day instead of paying my dues through the week to enjoy 'my time' later. But this week was a bit of a zinger, so I'm am thrilled it is Saturday!!!

I started off sleeping in a bit (yay!!) and then picked up some books and movies at the library. I gotta say, I am so thrilled that I realized many of the films I want to see for my 101 (and in general) are available through the library! Which means, getting to seem them for FREE!! Totally rocks, I just have to make sure not to request too many at a time, its a 1 week due date on movies so I can only see so many at a time so it takes some stratagizing. I also picked up some books too, fun fun!

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Then off to the Bloor to meet my Mom and so see the Oscar-Nominated Best Documentary Short Films. Great company and great films. Do try and get to them if you can! I've listed the info here on my film blog, or check out The Bloor's site here.

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So although it's shushy and icy outside and a bit grey, I've had a great day and its only just 5pm. I'm off to hang out with a friend, so I gotta run - have a lovely weekend everyone!!


Sacred Suzie said…
It sounds like a great start to a fantastic weekend. That is so cool about getting classics at the library, smart idea! That's so great you and Mom saw the best documentary short films together, we are so lucky to have such a cool Mom.
Jamie said…
Sounds like a film-a-rific good time! You're inspiring me to get movies from the library! I hope Sunday is as yummy.

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