#98 - Teach someone something

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Completed: March 2007

I almost missed that I had done this. 1 - it wasn't intentional, 2 - it was at work, 3 - I didn't volunteer but was volunteered to do it and well, ok that is enough reasons.

It was more like training than teaching, I did a conference call and I can't really go into it much more than that as it was for work and I don't talk about that much here. But.. the details there aren't important to be honest. What I got from it was realizing that this is something I *can* do, it's something I have done (which I totally forgot about) and it went pretty well. For me, it's always goes better if it's with people I already know; mostly because I'm a bit of and oddball and it's easier on them if that is known up front.

All that being said, even though it went well I think I am happy to keep it an underused skill - I don't it too much overall. At least for now.

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Sacred Suzie said…
Way to go Shannon! Funny how this one found you. I am glad you felt confident doing it.

An oddball?! I think that hereditary in our family, LOL. We come by it honestly.

You have so much to offer Shannon! I bet you're a good teacher in your own wonderful way.
Jamie said…
I'm really curious about why you put this one on your list - what was your inspiration?

Congratulations on getting a "complete" this week!
Shannon said…
Thanks for the support ladies!

Jamie, I've no idea what my inspiration for this one was. Sometimes I wish when I had initially made this list (and my 101 film list) I included that.

It was mostly like something to do to challenge myself & to see if I could do it.
Jamie said…
And you did! hehe.

Writing down your motivation or inspiration is a great idea. Maybe next 101 round, hehe.

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