101 in 1001 update #53!!!

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Ah, well... it isn't Monday but it's still update day! One of the funniest things I came across this week while working on my 101's was doing puzzles for #16 - Attempt all the puzzles in a Variety Crossword puzzle book while my laundry was going around and around. I found my patience was very very short! If I couldn't see the answer RIGHT AWAY I got frustrated. That was new for me (stop laughing ! It's true....) ok so I don't have an abundance of patience but I used to for this kind of thing. It was really good though, it let me realize I need to just chill and think, and it will come (hopefully). And on to more partial's....

#7 - See 1 film a week in the theatre for a year is up to 10 weeks, this week I went to see: John & Jane as well as the Oscar nominated documentary shorts. I've been working as well on #14 - Write something about all the films I see (for the first time) throughout these 1001 days (click on film title to link through to review). And even more reviews with these completed: La Vie secrète des gens heureux / The Secret Life of Happy People, Letters from Iwo Jima, The Good Shepherd and Little Children

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#38 - Keep a plant alive from 'The Auction' from one year to the next - update: Berry is still alive! My plant at work is doing great, it's just started to flower!

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#21 - Save a part of every paycheque - done! This one has been a bit of a challenge this month, I actually went and deposited some cash a bit ago so I could continue to put money to savings. I know it seems weird, but it worked for me!

#94 - Read every day - done! Currenlty reading: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling, No Lifeguard on Duty by Janice Dickinson & I, Robot by Isaac Asimov (I've only made it through the first story so far and it rocked!). I seem to read 1 fiction and 1 non fiction at a time, but I also added I, Robot as it's small and handy enough to carry with me and the other 2 are kinda big.

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#92 - Learn/Discover something new every day
Monday March 5/07 - New program of films at Cinematheque is up
Tuesday March 6/07 - Today, is the coldest day - EVER! At least it feels like it
Wednesday March 7/07 - the existance of REEL Canada an initiative to bring Canadian film into classrooms. They have a rockin list of films (see here) that I've very excited to add any I've not seen to my to see list. Thank you Jamie for sending me this link!
Thursday March 8/07 - Fashion week is starting March 12/07 - foiled again, found out so late
Friday March 9/07 - Doing something outside your comfort zone can make you more comfortable with it (ok.. it's a no brainer as a concept but to feel it happen is different)
Saturday March 10/07 - the Library (Toronto) has a great function called 'my list' where you can keep names of books/materials that you like but don't want to request just yet. This rocked as I've added almost everything I've left to see in my 101 films to see, but I don't want them all at once!
Sunday March 11/07 - my bedroom actually gets sunlight mid-afternoon... it's amazing the things you learn when trying to find where the cat is (smart cat was in the sun)

For my full 101 list, look here.

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Sacred Suzie said…
Great tree picture! I love it!

I'm so glad Berry and your office plant are doing well, look at those cute buds.

Are you enjoying the Harry Potter book? I miss them. I only have read up to #4.

So weird that your coldest day is happening in March.

Love your bathroom Shannon...and you!
Shannon said…
I've really enjoying Harry Potter #4, it's really wonderful to read a book that you pretty much know you will love and it lives up to it.

Ironically, the weather this week has been beautiful, it got up to 11C one day apparently! You just can't tell what the weather will be like here in Toronto.
Jamie said…
I love your sprouting plant. It totally looks like an alien! And yay Berry for keeping it up! And wtg on your commitment to your savings. That`s awesome.

You`re doing so great!
Sacred Suzie said…
That is totally insane it's now warm there, absolutely bizarre.

Hey, there are three of you in that last image, right? So cool!
Potato Print said…
Hi Shannon,

I've fallen behind in my blogging visits. As always I love reading your updates. Berry has a fierce will to live. The office one is beautiful. Way to go on the saving money part. The library thing is so useful. I usually write things on scraps of paper, but this! And finally, the photo. What are those called....retro- intro - self-referential....I know there's a word for them.

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