rut roh....

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Ran into a few snags working on my 101 list. One was on Feb 1 looking at my 'to do' list which say "Read a Fashion Mag B4 the end of Jan!". Oops. #31 on my 101 list is Read 1 fashion magazine a month, and for Jan 07 - I didn't. Now the total possible completion of my 101 in 1001 can only be 100 33/34 tasks. Sigh. It's actualy quite telling though, I never thought it would be a hard task at all. I buy the mags, I just don't tend to read them. It really shows that currently I'm not very focused on fashion.

The second snag I ran into was working on #4 - Get a copy of 2005 issue of Film Review year in review (for films released in 2004). I mailed in a back order request way back around Sept but never heard anything. So I went online, figuring I could order it that way. Then I found this. Sold out! Nnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I'm not giving up on this one quite just yet. I'll check ebay and possible other sources. I've been getting it every year since 2001, and I really enjoy it. I started getting it because I was taking a film class that sparked my interest in film on a stronger level than before, and I wanted something that everything that was out recently rated. It's a UK publication and I like the non Hollywood glamed over perspective. It also lists a fair number of foreign films reviewed. Each review has a out of 5 star rating, picture, director & cast info and a review.

Oh a happy note, the 2007 issue of Film Review year in review is out and believe you me I snagged it up and happily paid the $26.17 (tax included) and had a lovely time reading it and over a nice cuppa tea. It's always a great read, and I find new films to add to my must see list!

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Jamie said…
Oh! You know maybe you could consider the undone one like the mistake your supposed to make in a quilt. It's good luck and it frees you of perfectionism. What do you think?

It's awesome you were able to get your mag-of-all-film-mags. I hope you enjoy every morsel.
Sacred Suzie said…
What a bummer Shannon, hopefully you'll find one on ebay, ebay has everything doesn't it? We tried seeing Miss Potter but it was gone and I had a rut roh moment there too and saw Pan's Labyrinth instead and must warn you (if you haven't seen it) it is very violent. Ugh.

I hope you enjoy the guide you got and drink lots of tea and got lost in the experience, that sounds really good.
Shannon said…
I'm trying to remember that one of the suggestions for the 101's is to 'embrace failure'. Yeah... um... yeah... I'll think about that.

Sorry to hear about Miss Potter Suzie! I'm not going to see Pan's Labrynth for just the reason you stated - not into that atm. I hope you got something out of it.

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