Photo Thursday: Laughter

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Tammy is hosting Photo Thursday at Create a Connection. This week it is laughter. Anyone who knows me, knows that I laugh. A lot. Not always at the most appropriate times (and mostly I don't care if it's appropriate, some things are just funny and laughing can really break the ice and put people at ease).

This photo is one from the archives. I had another one in mind but I've not hooked up my scanner yet. Often if I'm in a giggly mood I will laugh til I have tears in my eyes, which of course means possible tragedy for dark make up and what-were-once-clean-sleeves. But, if ya got the giggles, ya got the giggles :)


Jamie said…
I have had the pleasure of seeing this look and hearing that sound so many times! It's wonderful to experience your joy!
Sacred Suzie said…
Shannon, your giggling is super infectious and an absolute joy! You really live up to your middle name. :)
Potato Print said…
Wonderful. Yes, I do imagine that you laugh a lot. I would love to hear what you sound like.

By the way, if anyone every does "Sneezing" as a topic of Photo Day, you could use this one.
Tammy said…
Shannon - I thought I had left a comment... hmmm...?

I love the picture of you!! I laugh a lot and easily too. I bet if we were in the same room, we'd be giggling up a storm in no time!!

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