Photo Thursday: Imagination

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Tammy is hosting Photo Thursday at Create a Connection. This week's topic is Imagination. I picked this pic as I'm not sure exactly what it is, and I would rather not know what it really is because it is so much more fun to imagine what it could be! Fireflies with jet packs moving quickly. A guitar busting and the strings going everywhere. Minitubes and tunnels of some kind of intergalactic transit system. What music would look like if it was light. It could be anything!!!

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Jamie said…
That is totally awesome! You have a very cool and very vivid imagination! Who know I'd see fireflies with jet packs today! Oh, or is it the magnetic signature left by a sneeze?
Tammy said…
What a great photo!! It's fun to wonder what it is! I like Jamie's idea too - my sneeze would be interesting - SO loud and violent! :) Thanks for playing along!
Sacred Suzie said…
Absolute amazing Shannon! I bet Mom would love this one. It's fantastic Shannon. Your photography continues to amaze and shock me. Love the element of fire here!
melba said…
Very cool!

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