Photo Thursday: Family

Tammy is hosting Photo Thursday at Create a Connection and this week the photo is Family. What luck I have a scanner now so I can delve into the archives!! At least that was my initial though, then I looked at some pics and I was like ... oh boy.. those peope are a gonna kill me! I have a lot of Christmas mornings, Birthday mornings, and random unexpected shots.. not terribly the most flattering kinda pics! But I did find some that weren't too incrimiating I hope....

Top one is Jason's Bday. We used to always get up and open presents in the morning, even it if wasn't the weekend. It was tradition!

The second 2 are Christmas pics from when me and Jamie lived in the coldest basement in the world! However, many fun times were had while we were there.. included this celebration! Man, we sure are a bunch of nutbars! hehe

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Suzie said…
Those are so awesome Shannon! What fun photographs and you're right, we did always get up for presents no matter what so no wonder there are so many flattering bday pics! LOL. I love your tank girl hair, what fun. Only you could pull that off.
Jamie said…
OMG those made me laugh so hard. Our family is so crazy! I love the first picture. I'm not sure I've ever even seen that one. Wow, it takes me back. And I agree with Suzie - I love that shaved hair and a braid. Hey, in that one on top of the fridge I can see the popcorn bowls I still have, lol.

Great selection, Shannon. It celebrates the, uh, well, the uniqueness of our family.
Tammy said…
Isn't it fun to go through the archives?! :) Great pictures and descriptions!!
nyjlm said…
what fun pictures!

It is so great looking at old pictures, isn't it?

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