Drawing Every Day

ok ok.. I know I already have other things I do 'every day' and I often feel like there isn't enough time in the day to do everything but I'm still going to try this one. The day after I got my printer/scanner hooked up I bought a new sketchbook. It's odd to think I wasn't drawing because I couldn't share it with people because I had never done that in the past. I guess its something that feels different in blogland, you want to share! Well, I want too I guess is more correct.

Here are my drawings from this week. It's funny to me that I bought a black marker and plan on doing the drawings with that. I'm much more a pencil or (dreamy sigh) charcoal person. But this is very portable, quick, I can't erase and so I just gotta go for it. And I think I will.

Feb 8/07: The reflection of the poles/lights of the streetcar from the first seat
Feb 9/07: Doodling
Feb 10/07 - #1 A metal travel mug
Feb 10/07 - #2 Bananas in a basket
Feb 11/07 Hugging salt & pepper shakers


Tammy said…
I love that you can share your drawings!! Having a place to post them and share has been motivating to me as well!

I particularly like your doodle page!!
Jamie said…
Wow, I'm totally loving seeing your artwork. It's like a familiar friend that I haven't seen in a while. How wonderful that blogs inspire sharing - yay!
Sacred Suzie said…
OK, I know I'm supposed to be taking a break from blogging but just had to write because I love your sketches Shannon. I'm so glad you're sharing them with us and finding inspiration to carry pen and paper with you. Yay for getting a scanner and showing us your wonderful pictures, they're so, unusual and beautiful. A very unique style. An inspiration. Love the s&p shakers in particular. They look like hugging ghosts to me.
Potato Print said…
I didn't know you had art in your hand. I'm so impressed. Posting your drawings is a great way to keep them coming. I hope you keep drawing. You have a really confident line.
Shannon said…
Thanks everyone for your positive comments, it is so nice to be able to share and is mucho incentive to keep at it!!

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