It's working............ mostly :)

After the holidays I snagged a printer/scanner/copier at a Boxing Week sale, and it has taken me til tonight to actually hook it up. I attempted to a few weeks ago but I didn't realize the little *please purchase this cord seperate notation.

Regardless, I've hooked it up, scanned stuff, printed stuff and I have a few more things to test but so far looks ok. It kinda makes a clunkity clunk sound when first printing so I'm a little worried about that but maybe its just noisy.

Here is something I scanned for your view pleasure... it's a sketch that is at least 10 years old from when I did an assignment back in art school, the subject of the piece was an eyelash curler.

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It is kinda inspiring me to carry around a sketchbook again.


Jamie said…
Yay! Congratulations on getting yourself all hooked up. I can't wait to see all the new kinds of things you're going to share now that you can scan! Cool!

And great eyelash curler explorations!
Sacred Suzie said…
Way to go for figuring out your scanner Shannon. Right now R is fighting with the printer, I've spent days trying to get it to work.

I clicked on your graphic to see it bigger (it's very light on my laptop) and it just went to Photobucket and not its page. I'd love to really get a chance to "see" it but no rush. Just getting it online was a big deal, yay Shannon!
BlueJude said…
Ahhh, art school assignments. I remember them! keep at the sketchbook -its a great thing to do. I too just recently started sketching again.

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