#83 - 8/10 - Try out 10 new restaurants - Back Alley

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Back Alley Woodfire BBQ and Grill,
188 Augusta Avenue, Toronto

Jan 30, 2007 with Mom, Jamie & Justin for Mom's bday - go Mom!

What a great pick of a place to go. The staff are really nice and the food was soooooo good! We all got the chicken & ribs (it was the special that night) and it was divine. Thinking of the ribs makes my mouth water. And, got to try potstickers for the first time which were really yummy! Sizable portions, make sure you take your hunger with you when you go! It's a delight. It's at the south end of Kensington Market and check there website for hours, they don't stay open too late. I know I'll be going back!

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This is me & Mom - I didn't have a clear pic of Jamie & Justin : (

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Jamie said…
What a treat to revisit the Back Alley with this post. It was so great! One of the things I love about this city is restaurants where you can get ribs, roast chicken and potstickers!

And that's such a great picture of you and Mom!
Sacred Suzie said…
Oh, how I miss you Shannon! I love that picture of you and Mom, happy bday to Mom. So great, you're obviously having a great time and the food sounds fantastic.
Potato Print said…
Hi Shannon,
I love this photo of you and your mome. She seems like such a groovy woman -- and what wonderful daughters she has cultivated. Ever since my mom died three (two?) years ago, I am fascinated with mother-daughter combos. I follow them when I see them in NYC. I watch the Brownies as their mothers come to pick them up. Seeing you with your mom made me so happy for both of you.
Jamie said…
This was a great night. I still remember how quiet Kensington was, all covered in a light dusting of snow, dark and with very few people around.

And of course how gracious the service was really stands out!

(Wow, the word verification si mudcow. I think that might be my favourite ever)

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