Try Day: Looking for Clues in All the Right Places

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Create a Connection's Saturday host for this month is Jamie for Try Day! I decided to Try it out!

Step one: Notice

Ok! Did that. Mostly I found that I did this a little retrospectively at first but after a few days I was noticing a lot more in the moment. Noticing trends and reoccurances of themes.

Step two: Gather

I wrote down things I had noticed, first just as random thoughts, then after noticing patterns, grouped them up into a few categories.

Step three: Glean

Ok, so here I am with my creative self... what do I see?

Three types of things kept cropping up. Dang, now I can only remember two.. I know it was three. Maybe the last one will come to me.

First one - Connections
How freaky is this considering the blog for this idea and it being a brand new year, and most people I know are thinking of it as a year of connection?

The signs: Old faces cropping up... Suzie recently posted on her blog about finding out about a dear friend of her's, Stuart, after many years of wondering (see her lovely post here). Jamie called me Sunday AM and said turn to CBC right now! Do you know that person? Sure enough it was a friend of my brothers from high school (I was also friends with his sister) chatting about Coronation Street, I was beside myself. I've also been much more (if that is possible) chatty with people, some that I don't even know well (at work, at the gym) which isn't the norm. I've also quite frequently almost crashed into people walking around corners... being a brush away from a literal connection!

Second one - Things working out / Trust

Quite a few serendipidous moments so far. I'm not usually big on trust, often you would be met with this face if you asked my opinion on it:

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But maybe there is something to is. Things will happen or they won't happen whether you worry about them or not. Sometimes its better to do/not do than to think. I'll probably deny that later. But it does lead me too...

Third one - planting seeds bring returns at the right times

This one is along the same lines as number two but what I noticed where was things that I was hoping for, and started the process of came back to me a few times this week. Some of which I was pretty continuous working on, others I had just dropped a hint once or so.

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All in all I found this really insightful and encourage. I'm not sure where it will all end up but I'm definetly going to keep my eyes and ears open to signs and trends. Who knows who you might crash into around the next corner? Or what will come into fruition. I don't know yet, but I'll be there when it happens.


Judi said…
Shannon - You are certainly getting signs about connections! I've been getting signs about healing and positive thinking. Got to go check out Suzie ... I'm trying to remember what type of signs she's getting, some about healing I think. The interesting thing is that we all seem to be saying "Everybody I talk to seems to bring this up" - yet we are all talking about different subjects!
Sacred Suzie said…
I think it's fascinating that by open up and paying attention you're seeing more people around you and connecting, that's amazing! It sounds like you're OK with that too, at least getting more comfortable with the idea.
Jamie said…
I'm so glad you're participating, Shannon! Wow, those are some really neat connections you're noticing. And it sounds like the best part is that it seems to be connecting you to some kind of flow, do you know what I mean? Like there's some kind of ease that's a part of this. I'm glad you found it encouraging :)
Potato Print said…
Wow Shannon. You are so cool. You are so earnest in the way you approach things. I tried the noticing thing and just got too fed up with my own self-talk. You make me want to give it another try. I really enjoy the photos of your notebook and of your face.

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