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I really thought about the idea of resolutions, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to make any. Well, more like I didn't want to make any I couldn't keep - and when I thought about that for a while that sounded pretty weak. So, I decided to go for it. I picked doing my morning pages as its something that fell to the way side by the end of the year. I think I found it the most valuable part of working through The Artist's Way (see my post about that here), and I started back at it again today so, so far so good.

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melba said…
Happy New Year!

I think it is helpful to give yourself space with the morning pages. I found that I don't Always have time in the morning. I write in my journal almost everyday, I take it with me everywhere so when I get a spare minute, especially in the car I take it out to write down my feelings or jot down ideas.

I hope you fill many journals buy the end of 2007!
Sacred Suzie said…
I love this photo of you Shannon, it's so...revealing, so honest. I hope you manage to enjoy doing the morning pages, it sounds like they're good for you, like carrots for the soul.
Tammy said…
This is a great photo Shannon! Morning pages were the hardest part of the Artist's Way for me. I have been wanting to journal though. I made my first entry on the first! We'll see what happens!
Good luck with the Artist's Way...it is a gentle guide, but can pack a punch! Loved the angle here of your shot...
gay said…
i love this shot, i've always loved the writing but haven't picked up the artists way in some time...the blogging took it's place i guess.
Jamie said…
Great pic and great resolution! And yay for you for making a strong choice for yourself!
Bohemian Girl said…
when i was doing my morning pages, my whole life felt open. it helped me to pay more attention.

this is a lovely photo.

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