SPC: Resolution 2 - Lose "The Weight"

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"The Weight". That is how one of my doc's refered to it. Like saying "Lose the Hat" or "The Attitude". Not in a mean way - just plain and simple. Talking directly to the elephant in the room. I did initially hesistated from posting, not because it isn't true, but more because I wish it wasn't true. But it is, for many reasons including health as well as personal. I've set a goal for my birthday (in July) that works out to about 15 lbs in about 30 weeks... seems reasonable. My plan is going to the gym 3x a week (as oppose to 2x), eating fresher, healther foods (fruit/veg/whole grains) and cut back on proccessed stuff, sugar and salt. We shall see.

On a happy note, my resolution from last week is going well. I've done my Morning Pages every day except Sunday (I usually take the weekends off anyhow. Saturday is optional but I don't write them on Sunday).

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melba said…
For some reason I got on the scale this morning. Something I rarely do. Because I know. No one needs to tell me. I want to be healthy. I want to live long!
I hear you. I can relate.
Jamie said…
What an honest post, Shannon. First resolution's going well - yay! I'm sure the second one will too! You can do it :)
Sacred Suzie said…
What a brave post and like Jamie said, honest. Here's to you making such great choices in your life Shannon. I support you 100%.
Potato Print said…
Hi again. Words really make a difference about the way I see things. I am so glad you posted on this. I am hauling around an extra 50 pounds, some due to medications, much due to inactivity. I feel so unhealthy. Please post your progress on going to the gym. I will hobble along behind you.

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