Saturday: Try Day ~ Try a Smile! / #88 - For one day smile at everyone I see

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Completed: Jan 13, 2007

This week's Saturday Try Day by Jamie on Create a Connection's is ~ Try a Smile! And.... on a similiar vein on my 101 in 1001 For one day smile at everyone I see! Can you imagine? I decided to do them both!!!

Initially when I started my Try Day I thought I would smile at people and get them to smile back. Or at least brighten their day. Let's see some test cases..

First person I saw my landlord. A little bit of a challenge. I could hear her vacuuming (I had taken out my Christmas tree this week and although I did sweep up a lot I'm not known as the best cleaner!). I did smile and crack a joke or too, but don't think I got a smile back.

Next up! Walking down the street I ran to into some people I know! Easy peasy! Smiles and hugs and good convo. I also dropped by my Mom's. That was easy too, smiles and chatting and giggles.

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Then I headed into Kensington Market to do my shopping. This was more challenging, as there is lots of hustle and bustle on a Saturday afternoon. I was adament that I would continue my quests! Even though sometimes I got distracted when I was buying stuff in the 'process' of paying, getting change, etc I still made the effort to smile and the shopkeepers and other customers. Big win there was the big smile I got back from the guy at the organic store, and maybe even a wink - woohoo!

The biggest challenging I think was... dum dum dum..... random people on the street. Oh boy.. varying results!! These are some of the things I came across:

-some people smiled, but looked away
-some people looked confused! (Is she looking at me? do I know her?)
-some people were *already* smiling!!!!
-couples.. who to smile at.. both? neither? don't want to give the wrong impression!!! I just did my best on that one.

But, the last lady I saw on my little adventure saw me smiling, she smiled back! YAY!!

That was a lot of fun, I think I will try it again soon!

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Jamie said…
I love it! Thank you so much for participating in Try Day. And how cool that it happened to by on your 101 too!

What fun following you on your smile adventure and seeing the results. You know, it almost felt like being a little, subserve happiness spreader! And I have to say about your picture, if I saw you and that smile, I'd smile back for sure!
Sacred Suzie said…
Me too, what a winning smile Shannon! I couldn't resist either.

I haven't done this one yet because I've been a bummer of a mood since I hurt my hand but I'm coming out of it and will try either tomorrow or Friday.

I think your try smile day was a huge success Shannon and it sounds like, dare I say it? You had fun!
Tammy said…
Cool!! I tried this too and it actually made my day smoother. I usually get a bit grumpy when out and about (people irritate me easily!) This helped - being conscious of smiling! I didn't always get smiles back, but it helped me!

Great photo!!
melba said…
Sometimes I question when someone is smiling at me...Do I know her?
Mostly I try to smile at everyone.
This was a cool post...following your day.

Your picture is beautiful!!!
Mim Smith Faro said…
That's a great social experiment. I am a smiler by nature- not that you'd know it by my SPs! I always smile at children...and wave too. They get very excited.
Potato Print said…
Hi Shannon
I've missed reading you. I still don't have internet at the house, so it's been a bleak stretch.

That is a stunning photo, Missy Lou. I thought that blondes couldn't wear red. You look beautiful.

I liked this story about smiling. Well told. You always make me laugh with your little prowls around town.

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