Saturday Try Day - Snoop!

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Create a Connection's Saturday host for this month is Jamie for Try Day! I decided to Try it out!

Snooping on myself if I was someone other than me (boy, that is going to be tough!)

Hmmm lets see here. Looks like this person sure does like 'stuff' That is a fairly health amount of space and I can't even see the floor. Mind you there would be a lot of entertainment on the way to finding the floor. I think they also like bright colours, I see yellow, pink, orange, blue and red. Do they do that on purpose? Does this room even have a theme or sorts? Hard to tell. I also see a lot of reading material. Maybe they do research of some kind. Ah, a printer still in its box and bag, an impulsive purchase perhaps? Although it looks very full there are many places to sit and even a blanket, I think they like to be cozy. What do you think?

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Jessie said…
I think this room is intersting enough to make me want to get a closer look! It's DEFINATELY the room of an artist and creative thinker. ;)
Jamie said…
Ooh, what a fascinating place to snoop. There is so much going on here. I wonder what will be revealed. This is clearly a person who loves colour and stuff and books. I’m imagining they have a lot on the go. Hmm… from the doll, I would say they are Latvian. From the clothes and the blanket, I’d say this is a person who is sensitive to temperature and wants to be comfortable all the time. I’m curious about the newspapers and magazines that appear to be on the edge of a recycling bin, like they may be headed there but aren’t making the leap. There’s so much to be curious about in this room. You could never get bored here.
Jana B said…
OOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh look at all the books!!!!!!!!

I would definately like this room. I'd be able to tell more about you if the pics of the books & mags were closer... you can tell so much about a person from what they read!!!!
Sacred Suzie said…
This person is INVOLVED in life! She wants to know things, touch things, participate in things... I don't think it's about stuff, it's about experiences and yes, she probably is a little sensitive to the cold but she has a bold personality. Look at all those colours!

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