#90 - Go 1 week without a daytimer or watch

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Completed: Jan 1 - 7, 2007

When looking for new daytimes in the fall of 2006 I decided to hold off buying one, and try this one from my list the first week in January. It did change one tradition I've had for years that on New Year's Day I transfer the info from one book to the next, but it seemed like the perfect time (possibly... easier?) to do this as I wouldn't be not refering to something I was used to but rather treking through each day assuming I'd end up everywhere I thought I would/should/planned to.

First.. let's talk about being watchless...

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I hate being late. One of the times I look at my watch a lot is on the way to work. But, I realized I almost exclusively listen to '>Johnny Cash's 16 Greatest Hits (US link there) to work. That being said, I know I should be a-walking through the doors by the time I'm hearing Folsom Prison Blues. I also realized I pretty much know how long it takes to get most of the places I normally go. Even when meeting up with people, I figured if I got there first.. I was early and just wait. I went to a movie and if felt like it should be starting already but I was enjoying my popcorn and people watching, so.. it didn't really matter. That part of this one was surprizingly not hard to do. I only glanced at my empty wrist a few times... usually while waiting for the streetcar on my way home. I also figured if I really needed to know the time I could find out somehow (buy something and check the reciept, ask someone, look at the clock in the subway or a transfer machine)

Second part.. no datebook.

I usually live by my date book. I always have it on me during the week, it usually is even on my desk at work even though it has nothing to do with work. This week from not having it I realized I don't even look at it that often. The only thing I actually missed from was my contacts. Phone numbers and address - that was something I didn't expect to miss, and did need (I found the info through other sources but this came up more often than I though). I did find that the things I would normally put in my datebook have now actually been substituted by my tickler fill (ala Getting Things Done) such as chores, shopping, events, meetings, appointments, getting together with people so the things that were left were so habitual (work, going to the gym, laundry) that I didn't need to refer to anything. I know what I do Thursday nights, and Saturday mornings. In some ways this was cool to learn on the other I felt like the Dad in Honey I Shrunk the Kids (I remember the Mom saying something to the effect that he does everything on schedule like getting a haircut the first Tuesday every other month). So all in all I didn't really miss having a daybook, but then again it was a quiet week.

Verdict... I bought a new datebook today, but I forgot my watch at work

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Sacred Suzie said…
I love that last photo in particular Shannon, neat. What an interesting challenge. Are you happy with the results? Are you going to try and live without your watch for a while? Is it less stress to wear it?

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