#89 - Go 1 day without complaining about anything

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Completed: December 28, 2006

Initially when I but this on my 101 I didn't think about it too much, I just thought it was kinda funny and might be a challenge. This was a bit of a wierd one for me. I think its possible that I've done it already but didn't notice it specifically. I'm also not a huge complainer, at least not as of recent. I can be though, if I'm in a bad mood or somethings bugging me, I could go on forever... But recently I've not been really wanting to complain as well as not listen to people complaining. I mean, who every says "I had this great conversation with someone and they could really complain!" Sometimes we need to get things off our chests, but a lot of times I don't anyone benefits from putting out or receivig that kind of negitive energy.

I picked a relatively normal day where I would be at work & the gym & some stores as well as on the phone a bit. I considered picking a day that I pretty much kept to myself but decided that wouldn't really be a challenge.

The things that I noticed I did to not complain were not talking as much in general (that is a challenge as I can be pretty chatty), not joining in on discussions (more of saying something like "hmm.. interesting" and going back to my work) and the most interesting one was pausing before speaking, thinking about what I really meant, and saying something that ended up being more articulate and concise. So, something like 'Can you believe that ? What a jerk!' became 'I'm not quite sure how they came to that conclusion' and 'Gah, I hate this! I've got so much to do!' became 'Wow, I but a lot on my plate today.. I guess I will get back to it!'. That part of it was unexpected and quite fascinating, and made it well worth the effort to go through it.

Another thing was actions.. I went to the store and they gave me what I thought was a few too many bags (I'm really trying to cut down on plastic), and instead of making a snappy comment like "I only need one bag" I just repackage it and left the empty bag on the counter.

All in all it was a fascinating experience that I would recommend trying out.

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Sacred Suzie said…
Fascinating Shannon! I love that this really was a learning experience for you and that it helped you really analyze the process in how you take in information as well as give it and express yourself. What an interesting challenge, I think it's one I need to try out myself. And you're right, who really loves hearing people complain?

I hope you had a great celebration for new year's eve! Happy 2007!

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