#76 - Go without caffeine for 1 week

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Completed: Jan 2 - 8, 2007

I'm jumping the gun every so slightly as there are technically 2 1/2 hrs left for this challenge but seeing as I'm fairly confident how the rest of the day will turn out I can say this one is in the bag.

The things I love that have caffeine: Tea & chocolate
Other things I have that have caffeine: Coffee & pop

I'm a tea drinker. BIG tea drinker (and a participant in Create a Connection Mug Swap hosted by Jessie). Currently at about at least 4 a day (when I get to work and/or on my AM break, after lunch, when I get home, after dinner, at that the 'sit down to do something specific' time). I was surprized this one was not too hard. I bought a bunch of decaffeinated tea, as well as herbal. I had my normal amount of cups a day but all decaf. On day 2 I had a small-ish which turned into a pretty big headache, but popped some aspirin and waited it out, no problem.

On Jan 1st I brewed up a whole (last) pot of coffee - and I did the measurements wrong, it was awful! I don't usually drink coffee at home, and only have a hankering once in a while now. In truth I'm a coffee snob... I'm really particular about which ones I like. I had probably 2 cups of decaf during the week.

Chocolate... this one was harder, and I forgot it had caffeine. Considering it's just after the holidays there was still lots of treats around! What a conundrum! I decided to post movie quotes at work and those who guessed it right, won a chocolate! Mind you this meant they were on my desk at all times, so that was unexpected temptation! But I resisted.

Then there is pop.. which was fine. I don't have it all to often so, no worries there.

I almost caved (accidentally) on Sunday by having coffee ice cream... as it doesn't fit into one of those 4 categories. But I remembered before opening the freezer. Woot!

The time that was the hardest was when I sat down to do my 2007 Budget. Big task and one that would normally without a doubt be accompanied by a piping hot cup a tea. I did make decaf but it doesn't pack the punch of regular tea. But my budget still got done. I know a lot of it really has to do with the ritual of making the tea almost as much as drinking it. It's a great way to get away from things for 10 minute, or to multitask and do the dishes, putter, etc. Or both :)

One funny thing is, it didn't make me more sleepy at night.. but I slept in 3 out of 5 work days!

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Sacred Suzie said…
Way to go Shannon! That's a huge deal and I am so glad that you were able to get more sleep as a result! Yay!

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