#29 - Learn to knit or relearn to crochet

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Completed: Jan 20 & 27, 2007

I took the 'Learn to Knit' class with Jamie at Lettuce Knit and talk about fun!!!! It was kinda crazy because both days started off early (on a Saturday... for me that is huge to get up early on a Saturday) as well as being coooooooooooooold and snowy:

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One of the most wonderful things about going was the atmosphere was relaxed and the instructor, Megan was wonderful. We went at a nice pace and it was very low stress. Making mistakes was ok - in fact, it was encourage not to go back and try to fix them but to leave it. It was everyone first scarf after all!

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What is really interesting is although I very quickly felt like "I can do this!!!" I knew that there was so much more to learn! But, I found this exciting as opposed to (what I could normally feel like would be) discouraging. Because I felt like I learned something that I could make things with, and if I learned more - great! And if I don't, well that is ok too! I had to confess I didn't come into this from being a complete newb, I used to crochet when I was young so there was a certain amount that was familiar in a round about way. And although knitting is completely compulsive, I still have as of yet to finish my scarf. But, I did make a little bookmark which I gave to Jamie, and you can kinda see here in my hand - (its blue):

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Jamie said…
Yay! Congratulations on learning to knit.

I'm so glad that we did this (even if it was early on cold, cold Saturday mornings - ouch!) I was so surprised at how much we laughed. Since we've done that in Emerg, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, lol.

Thanks again for the bookmark. I love it. And I have to say that Jinx thinks it's quite interesting too!
Shannon said…
Oh my, I bet she thinks the bookmark is a Jinx toy! (Isn't everything a Jinx toy ... well at least everything with fringe!)

It was so much fun to do together I'm so glad we did it!
Sacred Suzie said…
That just sounds like the coolest place ever, what a perfect way to learn a new craft. I envy you both, even though you had to get up on a cold Saturday morning. I hope you continue doing it because it sounds like a very meditative hobby. Was it just the one class?
Shannon said…
It was 2 classes, 2 weeks in a row. Totally worth it!
Tammy said…
What fun!!! I know how to knit, but it's been a LONG time! I love to buy yarn - I have so much pretty stuff!

I love that last picture of you with the big smile!! :)

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