Unnatural & Accidental

Dir: Carl Bessai (Severed, Émile, Lola <2001>)
Cast: Callum Keith Rennie, Tantoo Cardinal, Carmen Moore
Canada, 2006

Seen: December 3, 2006 at the Carlton

Reason to see: It's Canadian!

I find it hard to write this review. I don't normally watch films that revolve around the subject matter of sexual assault or pretty much anything to do with women being harmed in anyway, however I felt myself drawn to see this one. I've noticed a growing amount of film that takes of the subject matter of life on the streets, or to do with drugs & prostitution on the west coast. Usually Vancouver, but they don't always say. This film is steeped in true events but also added fictional elements and feels reminiscent of the murders of prostitutes that was unveiled in the past few years. Following one woman's search for her mother we see a trail of victims. There is a great depiction of spirituality in this film, and not in a heavy handed way but rather more of showing a journey and the turning of tides. That was what I came away with from it, that sense of how things can change through actions you wouldn't expect and would never plan.

Warnings: sexual violence

Shannon's Overall View:
I don't know if I can say that I liked it, but I think it is an important story and issue
I would not watch it again (not due to merit, I just don't watch films with this kind of violence)
Whom to recommend it to... those who are interested in films about personal journeys and women's issues

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Sacred Suzie said…
After speaking with you about it and reading your review, I really want to see this. I don't usually subject myself to this topic either but I feel it's very important and after living in Vancouver during the time period of the disappearances occurring...well, I feel strongly that I should see it. Thank you for sharing about this one Shannon.

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