'Twas a raining day near Christmas....

The day started off pretty nice.. gotta love seeing twinkie Christmasy lights on the way to work. Mind you that means its really early in the AM...

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Got out of work early, and it was raining!!! This was the scene at the streetcar....

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The streetcar was so crowded and moving so slowing (Friday before the holidays...) decided to get off early and walk through Chinatown..

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and into Kensington Market... and it was still raining like mad (look at the eavestrove..trop? hmm). I couldn't help giggling, it was so ridiculous. At least the stores were really quiet. I had a moment thinking maybe they would close up early but then realized I don't they are ever closed (except at night), the sign at the Freshmart even said it will be open on the 25th.

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People were not really in the holiday spirit. I was cheery though. I like shopping in Kensington, especially one of my HUGE purchase shown here... some no salt/no msg chicken stock and whole allspice for cider. A whopping total of 45cents:

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The total crop of veggies & some misc came in around $20, score!

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So, at home at last with my shop complete and looking like a drowned rat!

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Oh ya, what a glam shot!!! After that it was time for some hot chocolate and cookies.

Happy Holidays!!!


Potato Print said…
Hi Shannon,

Wow! That was a little travel adventure for me. I really like the way you make the banal and daily seem really fun. I'm so embarassed that I don't know which city you live in. Toronto? The last shot is both funny and pitiful. Why is it that I long for a daily drench in the shower each morning, but really dislike being drenched by rain?
melba said…
I love seeing into your life1 Thanks for sharing yourself here.

Happy Holidays!

Shannon said…
I'm in Toronto, yep Caroline! I think the rain/shower thing is kinda about choice. I find for me rain is ok (if it isnt' too cold) and I'm on my way home. If I'm on my way somewhere and end up soaked - not a happy camper!

Happy Holidays Melba :)
Potato Print said…
Wow! Toronto is such a great city. I've been there several times. You are a lucky gal.

Hey, when are you sisters coming home? Enough of this vacation business.
Jamie said…
I love this post because it shares some of the prep that went into a truly awesome Christmas dinner! You are a star! Thanks for hosting a tremendous time! And what a deal on chicken stock!

What a great holiday this has been. I can't wait to post some pics! (And then I'll be officially back, Caroline)

Hey, in the word verification is the word "fly." I wonder if that's a sign for 2007!
Sacred Suzie said…
Boy, do I know that kind of rain! I'm glad you managed to stay in the holiday cheer-spirit Shannon and yes, what a feast indeed! You rock Shannon, that was an amazing dinner and such a fun night.

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