True Balance: Summing Up

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I finished the book "True Balance" a while ago now but I wanted to touch base and sum up the experience. First, I want to thank the marvelous Melba for putting it together, thank you so much Melba! It's the first time I've participated in a series of bloggers going though book together and it was such an interesting process! It was really cool to go through the journey with everyone, including my sisters Suzie & Jamie as well as finding and connecting with some great new people like Caroline and Tammy as well as getting to know Melba better. To see all the member please visit check out the True Balance Project.

Although I had some trying times and experiences working through the book I am first and formost happy that I stuck it out! There are so many things I've tried, started, played with for a while and just let them either flutter out to oblivion or I've stopped them abruptly and cut off all contact. That may be surprizing to some, but it's true. And it isn't all bad, either. Sometimes we do lose interest, or realize that what we are doing isn't fulfilling or being the means to the end we thought. I know that as a theory but to me in my heart of hearts is feels like giving up, which I don't like doing. lol... maybe it would have better to be able to come to terms with that as opposed to pushing though, but I am glad I pushed though. I'm glad I can say I read the whole book, I posted, I thought, I read other's reactions.

Going through the book, I realized and affirmed what I had felt before (but forgot) about the chakra's, and that is I still need lots of work on my root chakra. Without that I don't know the long term benefits that I could gain from balancing the other chakras. The good thing is, I really like the root chakra! I want to be more grounded, and I've come leaps and bounds from where I was previously. But there is still more work to be done. Hmmm I don't like the term 'work' for that. There is still a lot of ground to cover... how's that?

I also just did the chakras test and it confirms my thoughts on this:

Root: under-active (-56%) See my root chakra posts: here and here
Sacral: under-active (-19%) See my sacral chakra posts: here and here
Navel: under-active (6%) See my navel chakra posts: here and here
Heart: under-active (0%) See my heart chakra posts: here and here
Throat: open (25%) See my throat chakra posts: here and here
Third Eye: over-active (75%) See my third eye chakra post: here
Crown: under-active (0%) See my crown chakra post: here

And my general posts on TB : here and here

I can't figure out how to but the pretty graph here. Oh well!

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Ever wonder how I spent my time working on TB? It's when I did my laundromat - there is a very glam pic of me at the Laundromat. Saturday mornings and I made my brain work while my clothes got cleaned. Queen on multitasking, that's me!

As we start a new season, I'm thinking along the lines of Yule being tomorrow, which the common idea/phrase I come up in my research and reading is new beginnings. After Samhain it has felt like there was stillness, almost like hibernation and now with Yule and the passing through the longest night and the beginning and the return of the light I think about what do I want this new beginning to be? What do I want to bring into this time? After thinking about it for a while (ok not that long, I decide things quickly) I realized most of the things I'm looking at are very root chakra-y. I want to feel centred, healthy, with a strong foundation. I think I will focus on the basics, I mean really the basics.. food, my health, and fun. Oh, and a clean home - not super over the top or anything but a place where I feel ease. That's it: Ease. I'm all for that. I've felt quite overwhelmed recently and I think going simple for a while might help. I want to work on just that and not take on anything extra. We shall see how it goes.

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Jamie said…
What a great summing up, Shannon. Congratulations on completing TB! (Something I still have to do)

I absolutely love the way you posted your quiz results. I thought the balance of the numbers was so interesting, like the middle of you was the balancing point at 0 and then the upper part over and the lower part under. Like, if you were lying down, your tummy would be the balance point and your head would be weighted down while your feet would be in the air. Does that make any sense? That was the image that came into my wacky head.

I think you have a beautiful plan for the year ahead. There was an new focus and ease in this post, while it still kept the Shannon liveliness. It felt like a more rooted you.

And I absolutely love the glam laundromat shot! Happy Yule!
Tammy said…
What a great post Shannon! I have to admit I haven't finished the book yet. I got bogged down on the throat chakra which is definitely a hard one for me! I'm SO glad also though - that this project allowed me to meet you via blogging!! :) Happy Yule, Christmas, and all etc.

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