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I'm not sure why I picked this pic for this post. I took it the day I finished reading True Balance, while I was online gaming with a friend and took a moment to make tea. From out my kitchen window this was the sight I saw. Whether it is some kind of bizarre sunset or dark clouds in the sky I'm not sure. I found it completely compelling though. Oh, I just re-read that the colour for the chakra is violet fading to white edges - ok, the pic works for that I think!

I think the comparative significance is that after reading this chapter I would say that this chakra is quite closed for me. The quiz I had 8 no's, 2 sometimes and 2 yes's. I also found it quite hard to read or really feel what she was getting at due to the numerous and vastly increased religious references. I feel bad I think I mentioned this in all the chapters recently but it really makes it feel exclusionary to me. So much so that I was barely reading it or taking in the content, more like skimming the surface and searching for something to connect to but it didn't really happen. This chapter is spiritual meaning of life and absolute faith and I guess that is not where I'm at. I definitely found that there were some good suggestions, like searching for a deeper more meaningful connection with yourself - that sounds good idea. Mind you some of the other things such as praying and meditation, not fond of and/or not good at those, and it again assumes a certain religious slant/faith. I believe it really summed it up when she says that its a "shift from me against the world to me as part of the world" (p.230). Maybe one day.

No word associate on this one as no list was there for this chapter.

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Sacred Suzie said…
At first I was thinking that you weren't into the religious element but it's sounding like you're not into the spiritual element, is that right? I am not looking forward to that chapter, the religious references are going to bug me, I can just feel it.

I love the photo, sometimes our illustrations choose themselves. How fascinating.

I'm sorry this chakra isn't very open right now Shannon but it's OK, that's where you are right now.
Shannon said…
I don't think of religion and spirituality as synonomous, but I can see how it would appear that way.

Don't be dissuaded by my post please! You might love it! Lots of people seem to be a lot better of just mentally substituing words and not having the reaction I do to this.

Actually until reading this I wouldn't haven't thought that I wasn't spiritual but maybe I'm not. Bizarre.
Potato Print said…
Hi Shannon,
I got behind in your blog. Work is a monster and it has eaten off part of my head already.

The photo is so fitting for the crown chakra. Well I think of you as more practical than spiritual. You seem so earthy, so grounded. I couldn't believe the organizational quality that came through in your color meme. I think if we ever get to meet in person we will laugh a lot together.

I agree with you about the book, it started to irritate me the way she placed values on balanced or unbalanced, kind of like the Saved and the Sinners. I like what Suzie said, wherever we are is just fine.
Jamie said…
You know what's amazing? I remember that sunset too. I remember walking out my front door and thinking, isn't that just the oddest light, the way there's a band across the sky like that. I couldn't stop looking at it. I see you had a reaction to it too :)

Congratulations on finishing the whole she-bang!

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