Self Portrait Challenge: Red 2 - mistaken identity as a hoodlum

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When thinking about this month's topic for SPC, Red, I thought - what are things that are without a doubt, red?

And then it came to me: The Lumberjack Jacket.

Yes, there are the brave souls that deviate from red. I've known some to pick the mint-ish green. Others may choose the zany combination of red & purple (I admit, I had this one too).

But the classic & true lumberjack jacket is red. Most likely found under a jean jacket in the fall or a leather jacket in the winter. The they are not worn by all. Reserved for the tougher crowd, sometimes the loner crowd (might be wrong usage of 'crowd' but you know what I mean), where I grew up it was synonmous with the 'North Wall' crowd.

I had one, of course. Actually I've had more than one over the years. Funny thing is, I wasn't really a hoodlum. I'd never do anything illegal, but throw this outfit together and some of the various outfits and haircuts (chelsea, shaven head, every shade under the sun) sometimes people thought I was. Thought I would destroy stuff, steal stuff, many a store did I enter did I receive mean looks or on some occasions was asked if I had anything in my bag or pockets.

What's funny is now, this never happens. Now I get passed through places without getting searched. I think it's wrong to use appearance as a rationale for how people are treated. I always have, and I always will. See the person. Listen to them. Heck, ask 'em something. Who cares what they are wearing.

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Q said…
unfortunately people are like that they tend to look at what a person wears, where they live, the type of job they have and its a shame, but a few more people looking past those things in this world is a good thing.
Sacred Suzie said…
North Wall! Of course, yes, I remember. Funny, I used to wear mine at Christian Girls Camp! Talk about subversive, LOL. It was always my outdoorsy warmp-thingy to wear but you're right, for most people it says to them "trouble maker". What a shame. Love the photo! Your makeup's awesome.
melba said…
Just your picture made me giggle. You look differenr; a different side of you!

I know what you mean about appearances. When I worked in retail management I sometimes felt Incouraged to judge people!!! I really, really try not to "judge a book by it's cover".
Jamie said…
I think you've hit on the quintessentially Canadian red clothing! And what a great description of its cultural significance. I had one too and they are cozy! Well, at least for the first 5 years, hehe.

The tough girl thing is definitely a big part of you. One-time punk-haired baby, hoodlum-look-alike, rugby-player, club-chick, little-demon, sunglass-wearing-downtown-girl. Little do they know a straight arrow with a heart of gold resides--

Oops, sorry, I didn't want to give that away.

Shannon said…
I can't believe I forgot to mention its Canadiana-ness!

Straight arrow? Heart of gold? Who? Wha?

Sacred Suzie said…
I keep thinking about this picture so I returned once again, it really does show the rough and tumblie rumblie that Shannon can be. Amazing how we can be that and cute and cuddly too.

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