Little Miss Sunshine

Dir: Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (The Check Up)
Cast: Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette, Steve Carell, Abigail Breslin, Paul Dano, Alan Arkin
USA, 2006

Seen: October 15, 2006 at Varsity

Reason to see: Highly recommended by a variety of people

I have to say this is for me, the drama of the year akin to The Royal Tenenbaums and About Schmidt in recent years. In a lot of ways, it is strongly plot based and I don't want to spoil that for anyone which makes it challenging to review. I'm also not sure anyone would believe the plot, regardless it is worth seeing it sight unseen. Anyone who has been part of or seen a dysfunctional family will enjoy and relate to this, and that is something that I believe speaks to everyone.

Great line: "I encourage everyone to eat some salad"

Shannon's Overall View:
I loved it
I will watch it again
I highly recommend it

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Sacred Suzie said…
One of my personal favourites of 2006 too Shannon. It's so true, you can't really talk about this movie without giving something away! I loved everyone in it. Steve Carell was a favourite of mine in particular, what a pleasant surprise.

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