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Went to 7numbers on Dec 8, 2006 for Jamie's Bday celebration!
307 Danforth Ave in Toronto, Ontario.

Wow, great spot! Lotsa atmo, great food and a wonderful celebration for Jamie's Bday! I'm sorry that I'm not posting pic's of those who were there ... all those pictures turned out really fuzzy and weird so I thought it wouldn't be great to post 'em. This is a great spot if you want some real home cooking. The staff were really nice, the food was great as were the desserts and they have an impressive cocktail selection as well. Good times!

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Sacred Suzie said…
This looks like a restaurant R would love! As usual, I do enjoy your unique photos Shannon. I'm glad you had a good time and got out to yet another new restaurant!
Jamie said…
I totally love this restaurant! The food is awesome. That atmo is casual but still exciting. It's definitely a special place.

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