101 in 1001 Weekly Update #39!!!

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Let there be snow! I came home tonight after my first Christmas shop of the year and as I hiked up the stairs of the subway to the streetcar I saw it softly drifting from the sky and landed on my nose. The streetcar came very shortly thereafter but not so quick I didn't get to enjoy the magical moment.

Another full task complete with week with #85 - Be on time for a month. That one was such a pain! But things to note: do not kid yourself on a) how long it takes you to get ready and b) how long it takes to get somewhere. Those 2 things are *key* to being on time.

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picture from exhibit at the Gardiner Museum

The completion of that task brings me to 31/101 and I am roughly 2 years from completion of my 101! It's interesting because my goal was to be 1/3rd in by this tim, even though less than a third has past. 60 tasks to go, which is 30/year. Fun fun! I wonder where I will be Dec 1 of 2007. Will I be at 61/101? Could be... we'll see!

One more review done for #14 - Write something about all the films I see: The Fountain. Only 44 reviews films outstanding.. oh my I need to lock myself in my apartment and get up to date. I'm sure that will happen with things like Christmas shopping, and making cookies, and festivities and.. well.. anything is possible right?

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#38 - Keep a plant alive from ‘The Auction’ from one year to the next - update:
3/3 still alive! The begonia's little babies are really growing. Berry's looking stronger too! Well mostly , there is one side leave that looks kinda sad. Burrows is doing ok but is loosing a few of the.. ummm.. petally appendages thingies.

#21 - Save a part of every paycheque - done.

#94 - Read every day - done! The book I wanted to start next I couldn't find! I've bopped around between a few and am mostly reading a crazy romance novel, I don't even remember what it's called to be honest but it's fun and silly. I also finished reading "True Balance" as part of the True Balance group but haven't finished posting - that will be up soon I hope!

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picture from Paul Day exhibit at the Gardiner Museum

#92 - Learn/Discover something new every day
Monday Nov 27/06 - my review of Thin got posted here on the filmmaker's website!
Tuesday Nov 28/06 - how to spell ethereal
Wednesday Nov 29/06 - waiting to write out my dreams after the fact isn't as detailed, full or rich as doing them they day they happened
Thursday Nov 30/06 - def: outwash - rock fragments or other glacial debris carried beyond the glacier by meltwater
Friday Dec 1/06 - about the techniques used to create the sculptures in the above picture (see Jamie's post here for clearer pic's of the exhibit & the gallery in general)
Saturday Dec 2/06 - about the new pvp system in WoW
Sunday Dec 3/06 - coffeeshops are always fun on Sunday afternoons!! blech.

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For my full 101 list, look here.


Potato Print said…
Hi Shannon
Oh, this inspires me so much. Now THAT'S the key to being on time. I'm chronically late. I'll try your technique.

The Limoges cups are beautiful. I like the way you shot them.

The plants!

Saving. You have inspired me to save 1% of everything I earn. I'll bring it up gradually to 10%.

By the way, it's so funny. Whenever you post these progress reports, I find myself smiling out of sheer pleasure. I love seeing someone succeed.
Jamie said…
Yay to being a third of the way through! I feel like there should be a 1/3 celebration!

How wonderful to enjoy the snow on your first day Christmas shopping. I love your pics of the museum. That was such a fun outing.

Happy plants!

I'm taking that was sarcasm about the coffee shop. No love for the coffee shop on Sundays? Busy-ness?

Congratulations on finishing True Balance! I still have 2 chakras to go! Can't wait to read your final thoughts.
Jamie said…
Oh, and I just love that last picture of you!
Shannon said…
I had no idea those were Limoges cups! I just was like...oh .. that would be a good shot!

Congratulations on saving Caroline! And you have a plan to increase it, how wonderful!

Did I hear the word celebration Jamie? Sounds good to me!!! And yes that was sarcasm... 2nd week in a row I wanted to hang out in a coffee shop on Sunday but they are full full full! grr
Sacred Suzie said…
Shannon, you have inspired me so much, especially when it comes to putting money away and saving it. What a difference that has made! We were able to pay off 80% of R's mess kit which was $2000 up front because I saved a little bit here and there! You rock.

I'm so happy your plants are doing well and that you were blessed with a little snow on your nose. I'm thoroughly impressed you finished True Balance, I'm still on the fifth chakra! I agree with Jamie, love that last pic of you too.
Tammy said…
Yay for WoW PVP! :) I'm really getting into that now!! My boyfriend and I each have too many characters, but now we have three sets of characters that we play together (yes, we have two computers, and accounts, and play in the same room! Yikes... does that sound geeky?!) We rock the battlegrounds because we can communicate together without typing! So fun! :) My main PVP character is only a Senior Sargent, but I'm working up - she's almost 48! :)

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