Watcher in the Woods

Dir: John Hough
Cast: Bette Davis, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Kyle Richards, Carroll Baker, David McCallum
UK/USA, 1980

If someone told me I would be including a Disney film in my list of scary movies, I would think there was something fishy going on. But, this is a Disney film and it is scary. Some say it doesn’t hold up as a scary film to adults but I watched it a few years ago and I was still scared, it could have been reflective of the first viewing though. For this one I would say it’s all in the imagery.

This film is including in my list of Scariest Movies of all Time!!

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Sacred Suzie said…
Oh Shannon, I remember how much this movie frightened you as a kid. I agree, I think it's conceptual imagery that really disturbs you. Funny, I can hardly remember this one. Hopefully it'll be on TV some time so I can check it out.

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