True Balance - Third Eye Chakra

This is one of, or might be the first chapter where I was nodding my head a lot. My quiz only had 1 No. A lot of the suggested activities I already do. Often. A lot of the things it's about I really believe I have strong skills in: analyzing, thinking, reasoning, percieving, understanding, having vivid dreams... and then.. there is of course one lone wolf that sticks out: Memory.

Memory is a funny thing. I've often been called upon my memory, usually for details in very specific situations. I remember every phone number and postal codes I've had (which is quite a few). I know when all the tv shows are on. I remember odd things about situations like what someone was wearing or what they ordered. It is almost always associative, ie, it was X's graduation therefore it was close to Y school which is in this area and at that time of year and they were dating him whom would only go to somewhere with parking so, logically we were at Fran's and they ordered the big breakfast even though it was 10 pm which is how I know.. they prefer scambled eggs with sausage as oppose to fried with bacon.

Things like that y'know? But other things.. bigger, important things... complete blank. No idea. It's one of the reasons I write things down, it helps me remember. You should remember the important things, right? No. I remember that they like scambled eggs.

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Before I read this chapter I took the picture above. I happened to be in the neighbourhood I grew up in. It is fitting that the image turned out blurred even though normally in daylight I get crisp clean images. As I was up there I was thinking: This is where I grew up, that is the store I bought candy in and I would figure out what the total would be with tax and have it all ready. That is the place where we got out Christmas tree, and had animals we could feed carrots (the llama's eat the whole carrot!). That is the place with the best burgers, ever. That is the coffee shop you'd go to if there was nothing else going on. And that was just one block. The blocks up in suburbia are large though.

As I thought about my memories up in that 'hood, I realized I don't have tons of good ones. Everything was FAR to get to. A walk to the bus. The bus that I always just missed, or in the winter was too full to pick up more people. The school I went to across the street, then closed down and was the first place I voted. It was also where I tried riding my bike on ice and finding out that isn't a good idea. Many nights walking home, scared, listening careful... should I go the short way that has a restricted view or the longer 'safer' way. Getting carded buying a Swiss army knife at Canadian Tire (ok that is a funny memory).

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But then I had a moment where I decided to let it go. So what if there weren't good memories. How could there be? I mean ... look at it. It looks barren. Everything is so far away. I want to be minutes from a multitude of coffeeshops and a quick walk from a convience store. I don't want to be on a sidewalk where I am the only person walking and cars are zooming by and pedestrians are an annoyance. I want to be where the people are, where people are living their lives. Give me the hustle and bustle of the city, suburia can kiss my a... well, you know :)

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Jamie said…
True Balance has a really interesting perspective on these chakras. I hadn't thought about the third eye and thinking, analyzing, remembering.

When you shared your memories of that little block, it took me right back. I wish I could have a P&S burger right now! Okay, not right now because it's 8:00 am, but you know what I mean.

It's amazing how growing up there informed your love of downtown living, of being where the hustle and bustle is. I'm glad you're now living in a place you love!
Potato Print said…
Hi Shannon,

It doesn't surprise me that you would feel real balance in this chakra. You seem very realistic (accurate view), willing to see and deal with hard things. Your deep love of cinema allows you to broaden your vision and to feed your imagination.

Like Jamie, I missed the part about memory. I really enjoyed your walk down memory lane. It's not at all what I imagined. I thought you sisters grew up in a groovy gentrified neighborhood.
Sacred Suzie said…
I love this post in so many ways. I love that you acknowledged the bad and let it go. I can really relate to that and I love the blurry images, I find that fascinating. I knew where those places were even though it was blurry.

I think perhaps we needed to live there to realize what wasn't right for us. We lived there a very long time and it has helped us figure out where our own homes are.

Your ability to remember fine details astounds me Shannon and the symbolism of the blurry photos for the big picture was fantastic.

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