True Balance: Chapter 5, Balanced Expression

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I think the considering the people working through True Balance is made up of bloggers I am anticipating that we might being doing ok on being expressive.

One of the most interesting things I've found in this one is to write down unexpressed feelings or communications at the end of the day and ask your the messages to be send to those whom they were unexpressed to and for them to reply in your dreams (p. 155) I was totally all over this until it said to have them reply! Isn't that funny. I ran across this when I went through the Artist's Way (and it still comes up in my morning pages) that I enjoy the exercise but don't necessary want the results/answers. Anyway, I think its a great idea and although I haven't been writing these things down yet I have started remember my dreams again after a bit of a dry spell. I've written them in my Dream Journal.

I think I'm a lot more balanced in this chakra than a lot of other ones. I've finished reading the chapter but I'm still thinking about it. Maybe I should talk about it, heh. We'll see.

See more about The True Balance group here.


Sacred Suzie said…
Fantastic collage Shannon! I love it!

I think it's interesting you can put stuff out there but you don't necessarily want some to come back to you. What do you think is happening there?
Jamie said…
I haven't started this chapter yet, but I love the idea of sending unexpressed messages out there. Fascinating!

That's so interesting about you wanting to send but not receive. But what if there's presents? :)

Love your collage. Blue always seems to find its way to you :)
Shannon said…
I thought I would comment as you both mentioned the not wanting the results back.. this has been common for me recently in many areas. Yes, they could be presents but if its something I've left unsaid its most likely not the nicest/easiest things to say.

From that start of this idea doing it passivily and actively, I haven't liked the results. Ranging from nightmares/unsettling dreams to getting feedback such as being selfish. If it was all sunshine and daisies, fine but no.. that what I get.
melba said…
I didn't know you had a dream journal. Very interesting!
Potato Print said…
Hi Shannon,

Thanks for your note about my painting. After I published it I wasn't sure that the link to the chakra was clear enough.

Beautiful, soothing collage.

Somehow I missed the exercise about "sending" messages to people. That seems really powerful. I'm going to try it. I have a bunch to send.

Keeping a dream journal is so useful. I imagine that your passion for film makes you think in images.

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