True Balance: Chapter 4, heart chakra

I'm a little behind of my TB reading, I usually read the chapter while I do laundry and that got pushed back when I was sick. It's and excuse I know.. I feel late but not overly so. I read the chapter on Saturday and I did a little trekking around on Sunday in search of green things and here is one of the things I found:

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A stoplight.... with the green 'go' sign broken. Yep. That kinda wraps up my feelings/experience on this one. I wish I could be all gushy and say how I love this one and related to it and the heart chakra rocks and we should all be open and happy and accepting.... but that has not been my experience. After reading the chapter I felt angry. Yes angry. I didn't like the fact that she says you need a balanced 3rd to go on to a great 4th (so...unless someone is balanced up to 3 they don't see/feel/experience .... love?), I do not like the inference that its the 'most important' and to top all that off I was shocked and completely unimpressed by the sudden or just clear-er religion/God references.

Here is another fine example. A lot of the suggestions are be more happy, open, enthusiastic with your life/situation and good things will come. Ok, sounds good. I was walking about and saw a nice sunset, pulled out my camera and here we go:

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Although I think this is a pretty cool picture it doesn't really show what I saw (which had way more pink/purple and was completely breath taking) not my experience of that particular walk which was paired with hearing someone from across the street yelling in anger. Mostly profanities and then the occasional "Get off my..... " something. Land, doorstep, I'm not sure. But he really wanted people out of 'his space' that is for sure.

This is one of the only sorta happy/positive pics I got. I think with the time of year there isn't tons of green going on but this really had some nice green, although it feels very seperate from everything its near. As well as being more fragile:

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This one, although I don't see any green really feels like it captured the day. You can't see much but you can see some and that some isn't that clear. It really feels like what the day was like to me:

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Sacred Suzie said…
Oh Shannon! Wow, what a strong post. I can really tell you're not enjoying this chapter of the book. Your images are amazing, I love that picture of the sky, I wish you could see it from my screen. Funny, I haven't come across a lot of the religious references and am not sure what you mean about them yet. I'm not done the chapter though, I'm going to keep my eye open for that because I detest that!

I love your photos, I really do. I can really feel the kind of fall you're having there this year.
Shannon said…
Thanks for the compliments on the pics. There have been at leave 2-3 relgious comments on this chapter, I'll note them when I get home and have the book on me.

It's actually been a lovely fall. Had a cold spell there but this week has been great.
Potato Print said…
Well alright then, as my friend Gilbert used to say. I like the strength and honesty of your reaction. I know that if we ever meet, I'll never fear that you are being fake nice with me. I really value honesty.

I read the chapter so long ago, and I'm at work now, so I can't skim the chapter.

I get irritated with Sonia sometimes. I can't put my finger on it, but I have crossed out whole paragraphs because I think they are off the mark.

I LOVE the photos that you posted. Such an eye you have.
Shannon said…
p. 106 "Maureen was endlessly cheerful and genuinely grateful for every single blessing God had given here.

p. 107 "I believe God plants these secret angels in our lives..."

p. 128 "...he decided to talk to God"

p. 131 "Each one of those passengers holds the spirit of God within them..."

Most of these were in references to stories and quotes of other people and if that is their belief, fair play. For the majority of the text that is describing the process she uses The Universe but I guess I was a little ticked at this one so it resonated more.

Thanks for the kudos on the photo's they really seemed to fit this time.
Sacred Suzie said…
Oh my! I'm totally going to have to look those up and see if I read them and missed them.

Oh yes Caroline, no fear of Shannon being honest and completely herself all the time. It's one of the many things I love about her!
Sacred Suzie said…
You're absolutely right Shannon! I just read those passages and she does use the word God a lot. At least it isn't the "J" word but still. I haven't gotten that far in the book but it's coming up to most of your references. I just don't know why people don't just use the generic term divine, why is always the "G" word?
CodyReign said…
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