Director: Lauren Greenfield - directorial debut
Documentary following four women with eating disorders
USA, 2006

Seen: Nov 15, 2006 on TMN

Reason to see: I was literally flipping channels and it completely pulled me in. I even missed one of my regular shows to watch it.

It is hard to describe my reaction to this film. It is brillant. Ok, maybe it isn't so hard. I've never been a huge fan of documentaries but this topic fascinates me. Why do people go to the lenghts they do to be thin? And it is never enough. There never seems to be an acheivable goal or light at the end of the tunnel. There is always more, or less that they want to be. It was also interesting to see this stories unfold in the setting of a clinic which in a lot of ways reminded me of camp in an odd way, the cliques, group sessions and shared meals. Not that anyone ate much, or at least not that they showed. They also refered to themselves as 'restrictors' as oppose to anorexic or bulimic, which I found an interesting term. One thing I will say for these women is they are not weak. The power and strength of will they have is phenominal, you just wish you could react out to them and persuade them to use it in another way. Gripping, heart-breaking and very honest this film is one to watch.

This is currently playing on TMN on Demand and I did read somewhere that it is also on HBO (Nov 2006)

Shannon's Overall View:
I was captivated by it
I'd watch it again
I'd recommend it

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Sacred Suzie said…
Man, this sounds like something I should see. It sounds fascinating Shannon. They say that about anorexics, that they're made out of steel. That's a quote from a movie somewhere, can't remember which one.

It's funny, I didn't know what "thin" referred to at first because I have never heard of the documentary before. I kept thinking of "watered down". How interesting.

Why do we want to be lesser? Good question. I also want to know why lesser is supposed to be more beautiful.
Jamie said…
"There is always more, or less that they want to be." Wow, interesting perspective. And really interesting idea about wanting to take the strength they have and direct it somewhere new. Interesting review.
I'm going to try to take this doc in.
Shannon said…
Just FYI I don't think this came out in regular release, at least not in Toronto. I'm glad you liked the review!

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