Ten on Tuesday

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Found a new meme weekly site - yay for Ten on Tuesday

This week's topic: 10 Things You Love to Eat During the Holidays

1. Veggies & Dip
2. Mashed Potatoes!
3. Yorkshire Pudding
4. Anything that involves adding gravy
5. 'The Breakfast'
6. Anything brought, bought or made by someone else!
7. Cider
8. Cashews
9. The little oranges in multiples of 2 (tangerines? mandarins? nectarines?)
10. Asti

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Jamie said…
What fun! Reading your list made me hungry and ready for Christmas eating! Do mean Clementines? Yum!
Shannon said…
Clemintines!!!! Yes!! Thanks Jamie
Sacred Suzie said…
Yummy! Yorkshire pudding is definitely on my list too Shannon. What a great list! I'm hungry now too and love everything you listed.

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