Ring, The

Dir: Gore Verbinski
Cast: Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, Brian Cox, David Dorfman
USA/Japan, 2002

It is refreshing to have a more current entry! Although I did also quite enjoy the original Japanese version, Ringu, I include The Ring over it as I saw it first and it’s heavily plot based therefore the original didn’t hold as much POW! for me. The imagery is unbelieveably scary. I think I had to spend at least 30% of the film not watching the screen. If you’ve seen neither and are ok with subtitles I’d recommend Ringu first (and if you can get it), but this version does hold its own.

This film is including in my list of Scariest Movies of all Time!!

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Sacred Suzie said…
I can't believe I haven't seen the original yet, but I do love this version. I remember sitting in the movie theatre thinking, I'm actually seeing a horror classic while in the movie theatre! I had always had to rent the movies since all the best ones were old. Yes, it is definite a new classic of this genre.

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