Halloween 2

Dir: Rick Rosenthal
Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Jeffrey Kramer
USA, 1981

I’m not entirely sure why I am including this film over the original, it could be the creepiness of the setting. This is another high tension, eye closing, popcorn jolting scary film. It’s another classic for sure, not film in general but for sure in terms of scary films but.

This film is including in my list of Scariest Movies of all Time!!

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Sacred Suzie said…
I watched Halloween I again on Halloween this year and man, I think these stories scary me way more than supernatural ones because there is an element of him just being a crazy psychopath which scares me a lot more than ghosts! I haven't seen the second one in a long time but I agree, the setting is even creepier. This was a rental classic at Halloween parties when I was growing up.

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