Fifth Chakra: Balanced Expression

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Only 1/2 way through this chapter of True Balance which is about the throat chakra, which is about expression. The colour is sky blue woohoo, although my pic is a little darker blue than that.

First off I have my word association:

Speaking - Easy
Honesty - Silence
Laughter - Joyful
Listening - I am *or* waiting
Creativity - Sparkle
Telepathy - Light
Rapport - Retort
Connection - Function
Revealing - Sexy
Expression - Phrase
Truth - Lies


melba said…
I love your photo. It is as if you are catching an aura.
Sacred Suzie said…
Amazing image Shannon! That's not of your apartment is it? Your word association is fascinating. I'm going to finish the heart today and move onto the throat. I want to look up those god references too.

Excellent post Shannon! Fascinating intro to the colour blue.
Shannon said…
Oh, an aura! I like that idea!

It actually is my apartment! It's the washroom... I got a few comments that it was 'smurf blue' when I showed people the paint chip but I totally love it!
Sacred Suzie said…
How cool is that? I love that colour for the washroom, I can't wait to see it in December!

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