Casino Royale

Dir: Martin Campbell (Beyond Borders, Vertical Limit, The Mask of Zorro)
Cast: Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Judy Dench, Jeffrey Wright
UK/USA/Czeck Republic, 2006

Seen: November 19, 2006 at Paramount 3

Reason to see: Jamie invited me to go with her and her husband! I almost said no as I had already spend/allocated all my funds for that week but thank goodness for change purses & piggy banks! $11.95 in change = fun at the movies!!

I have to say that I believe that casting Daniel Craig was a good choice. He's a different Bond for sure, not like Pierce Brosnan playful take on Bond (the rest of the actors I would have to do a little refresher research to make some whitty remarks), more serious and more subtle. Initially I couldn't even tell if he had and accent so I waited to hear his voice again... and waited.. and waited.. and... well.. it made me realize there were huge expanses of time without dialogue. Of course that isn't all that shocking for an action flick. Speaking of action flicks there was an action sequence near the beginning of the film that quite reminded me of one in district b13 / banlieue b13 both of which remind me of gaming, needing to hit a series of complex moves in a particular sequence, order with perfect timing. At least it wasn't a car chase! It is fascinating to see things such as this change and evolve with time.

Odd experiential moment: There were some techincal issues with the film at the beginning, it looks misaligned with a line through it, and was turned off momentary. During which someone behind us said "What is this, Borat?"

Shannon's Overall View:
I enjoyed it
I'll watch it again
I'd recommend it to James Bond and action/adventure film fans

1 preview for Spiderman 3, no commercials (what a shocker!)

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Sacred Suzie said…
You got to see a preview for Spiderman 3 with no commercials? That is astounding!

That's interesting he doesn't talk a lot in the movie. I like this guy's intensity, at least what what I can tell in the commercials.

I was wondering if you found it too violent Shannon? I mean, it is James Bond, LOL. I know you've been staying away from those types of movies and wondered how you felt about that?

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