#46 - Draw a self portrait

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Completed: Nov 19, 2006

The drawing ended up not being quite what I expected. Initially I thought I would do a charcoal drawing, most likely all grey then erased out and darked but no, I just plunked down in front of my hallway mirror as I was drawing a bath and playing Johnny Cash in the background sketched this sucker in less then 10 min.

That may not seem like a lot of time but I've never been one to spend hours on 1 subject, pose, thought, etc. As I was drawing this I thought to myself what was I thinking? Out of all the classes I look in art school I hated Portraiture the most. Actually it might have been the only class I hated. I actually technically failed it because I tried to drop out to late. I appealled it but didn't get exempt and I hate the fact that is on my school record. Then there was the class itself, an all day class - 6hrs wih a break in the middle. Some poses laster longer that a whole class. To top it all off, I wasn't any good at it. I love drawing. Love it. Out of all the arts I would say as a process, its my favorite. But I've never actually created a true likeness in my life. Anything else I can do, and love to do - hands, toes, clavicles (oh man, do I love a nice clavicle) bodies, chairs, houses, whatever... I get get a sense of it, or at least and interesting interpretation of it. Faces? Nope. Never quite figured it out.

I think I used to think that I didn't care but I think I do. I don't have to be great at it but I would like to figure out what it is that I can't figure out about it. How articulate is that! I think I may try and do these as regular practice and in different ways and mediums.

My first ever self portrait I did was not in a mirror but in the window of my bedroom of the house I grew up in. It was double paned glass so it looked like an optical illusion and the drawing looked like my head was emerging from some kind of body of water. I wonder where it is now.

Here is a pic of the subject as I was seeing it for comparision:

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Sacred Suzie said…
Wow, such a serious but beautiful face, I can really see the similarity between the photo and portrait you drew. Interesting that faces are something that you find more challenging than feet. I think this portrait is amazing.
Jamie said…
Wow, great self-portrait. It is a lot different than you usually draw people. I really like how it captures you. And the photo, what a moody pic of you that is.

That's amazing how you can take that off your list in 10 minutes! I'm amazed.

That first-ever self-portrait sounds really interesting. I bet it would be interesting to do a series of these as a practice. For a while I did some in my journal. It was fun once I absolutely let go of it having to bear any resemblence to me, lol.
Tammy said…
I have never attempted drawing human subjects until recently. I brashly signed up for a self portrait swap on my sharpie group... It made me cry it was SO hard for me. I wasn't at all happy with the results, but I sent them off anyway! I haven't been brave enough to even post them on my blog!

So - I admire you for the effort and the outcome! I think your line drawing of yourself is quite good! And brave of you for not only trying, but posting it too!!

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