True Balance: Chapter 4, first impressions

Disclaimer: These are my first impressions including my free association and impressions of the colour green. I have not yet read the chapter.

Empathy – Gem from Star Trek
Generosity – yes
Compassion – good trait
Forgiveness – blank
Nurturing – plants
Understanding – clarity
Listening – gets you ½ way there
Acceptance – resistance
Tolerance – tolerate who?
Affection – yes
Kindness – it really helps
Patience – working on it!
Laughter – always

Looking at my free association with the words for the heard chakra and it feels like a mixed bag. Well, more like an even split. Half of the things I’m totally there – the other half not so much. Makes me a little sad but I know its true – things like tolerance and forgiveness, not my strong suit. But generosity and laughter – you bet!

The colour associated with the fourth chakra is green. I ran (ok.. more like paced) around my apartment to find what was green and there was a fair amount. Mostly things that are useful, pretty things and living things too. Now considering that the fourth chakra is the heart and associated with green I find myself confused. With the exception of green associated with life (plant life that is) I think of what comes to mind when I think of green: money & prosperity but also poison & envy. Interesting.

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Jamie said…
Mmm, yummy green! I love that one of your free associations is Gem! I'm glad you included the link too. I remember that episode so, so well, but I didn't actually know her name.

I think this free-association is a great way to get to know the chakra and your reaction to it. I think I'll try it out for this one too (if that's okay with you). How interesting that you've got a strong divide when it comes to this one.
Shannon said…
Of course go right ahead and do the free association! Anyone should feel free to try it!

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