True Balance: Chapter 3

I found this picture to be representative current relationship with this chakra. There is yellow, but where exactly is it, and what exactly is it? To me, it feels like a blind spot.

Working through Chapter 3: Balanced Sovereighnty with the True Balance group.

I couldn't really connect with this chapter. When I took the quiz, not many of the questions were issues with me. When I looked at the suggestions at the end of the chapter, I wouldn't even bother doing those as exercise because that is already how I live my life. This idea of relinquishing power... to whom, may I ask would you do this? I wouldn't. I don't. I have no issues setting boundries and saying no. I don't think I need to learn how to do that, but on the other hand I may need to consider re-thinking boundries and considering saying yes.

I found it a little unfortunate that there was little information on if this chakra is over sensitive (p 90 'Too much of a good thing') and no suggestions on what to do if it is. I suppose it could just be the opposite of any other suggestions.

Because I felt at a little bit of a loss with this one I decided to do a very quick word associating a la Unconscious Mutterings with the words associated with this chapter. I think I may continue to do this throughout the book, maybe before reading and after reading each chapter.

Focus - circle
Commitment - the movie about a band
Boundries - Yes, have those
Authority - not interested
Co-operation - the best!
Intergrity - Essential
Choice - most important of all
Decision - can be tough
Discipline - sometimes
Courage - The Lion (Wizard of Oz)
Faith - in what/whom?
Intention - Great to have
Willingness - pulling teeth, resistance
Peace - Ideal
Automony - okay

* Sadly, the image accompanying this post has disappeared over the years.


Jamie said…
Intense and interesting picture for this chakra!

I absolutely LOVE your idea of free association with the words for this chakra. What a great approach to maybe slip past the blindspot! I might just try it too because this one's been a struggle for me too.

One interesting suggestion I saw for an overactive third chakra is to strengthen both your second and fourth chakras. If that works, the next couple of weeks with the heart should be good!
melba said…

I understand saying yes to most of the questions. That happened for me too and it made me feel good and confident.
How did it make you feel?

You wrote faith in what /who?
Faith doesn't have to be an organized religion.
What do you have faith in? This was the big thing for me when I read your post. It seems like you are pushing faith don't want to believe in "something" But we all believe in "something" you choose what you believe in.

I could be totally off here and I don't mean to offend. I encourage you to go deeper on this...

PS I love the picture!
Tammy said…
I love your idea for the word association! I haven't spent nearly enough time with chapter 3, but I may use your idea for the words!
Caroline said…
Hi Shannon,
I really like your free association part. It was fun to read. You seem to know yourself really well. I wonder if Sonia Choquette just had trouble writing this chapter, and that's why we are all kind of blah about it. Who will pave the way for the 4th chakra?

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